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2023 Blend E025 Portable Concrete Batch Plant

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– This advanced machine is equipped with cutting-edge features that will take your concrete production to the next level.
– Featuring the optional Aggregate Hopper with Double Belt (Opt. 17), this plant offers central separation of the aggregate hopper with two independent belts. These belts are operated automatically from the control panel, allowing precise dosing of materials. With the included vibrators, you can ensure a consistent and efficient material flow.
– Additionally, the optional Automatic Greasing System (Opt. 34) ensures smooth operation by automatically greasing the bearings. Set up and control this system effortlessly from the control panel, saving you time and effort in maintenance.
– With the Radio Remote Control (Opt. 35), you have the convenience of remote operation. This control enables you to move the conveyor belt, control its speed, and manage production. It also provides water control functionality. Equipped with two batteries and a charger, you can operate the plant wirelessly with ease. For added safety, an emergency button is included.
– The E025 Separated Blend Plant comes with a reliable and efficient 4-cylinder 37 kW water-cooled diesel engine. Its hydraulic system includes an oil tank with filters, electric proportional valves, and a cooler with a thermostat and electric fan, ensuring optimal performance.
– Built on a sturdy 2250 mm wide main frame with a 5 m3 aggregate hopper, this plant offers ample capacity to meet your concrete production needs. The 750 mm wide extracting belt features essential sensors, side containing plates, a reduction gearbox, and a hydraulic engine for smooth material extraction.
– The plant also includes a 1500-liter water tank with a level indicator and a tap for easy charging. A centrifugal pump with a flow rate of 10-180 liters per minute, a flowmeter, and a washing hose are provided for efficient water management.
For cement storage, the E025 comes with a 2.2 m3 capacity cement silo. Its extracting screw, hydraulically motored with a variable pitch, can handle a flow rate of 30-200 kg/min. The load cells ensure accurate measurement of loss-in-weight.
– Effortlessly manage the machine with the inboard electronic system, which allows for 40 different product recipes and enables you to download production data via the USB port for analysis and tracking.
– The horizontal continuous mixer, measuring 2100 mm in length, ensures thorough and consistent mixing. The quick-release mechanism makes cleaning the mixer belt a breeze, saving you valuable time.
– For concrete discharge, the belt conveyor offers manual horizontal swiveling and piston-driven vertical movement. With a maximum length of 3000 mm and an action radius of 155°, it provides flexibility and convenience in concrete placement.


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